Since We Last Checked In..

The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates remains at the forefront of DWI defense in Houston. Our legal team is dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients while fighting back against the state of Texas and the prosecutors hired to conduct criminal litigation services on their behalf.

We Remain Firm on DWI Cases

Regardless of the gravity of the criminal charges against, and for whatever reason you were charged with said offense, there’s is always a strategy that can help you avoid the most dire consequences associated with criminal convictions. Don’t be mistaken, we’re not interested in making plea deals or only focusing on lowering the potential penalty (a deal), but our legal team will work to beat the charge outright. It’s what we do.

Defenders of Habitual DWI Offenders

Although, in general, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a misdemeanor offense, after too many arrest the state will escalate the offense to that of a felony. Felony DWI cases are serious, and can result in a multi-year prison sentence if the defendant is found guilty of DWI a 3rd or more time in the court of law.

Hell, there was one guy that got a life sentence for DWI here in Texas, and another in the Houston area did too, showing the need for competent legal defense for people “accused” of driving drunk by law enforcement officers.

Accused of DWI in Houston, TX?

Call on Attorney Tad A. Nelson for Help

The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates is dedicated to examining the evidence, the accusing law enforcement officers, and the law, for the sake of the benefit of our clients and their families. As experienced Houston DWI lawyers, we know how easy it is for a person to be convicted due to hiring a cheap lawyer. Attorney Tad A. Nelson is committed to deploying the full personal, skill and prowess of the firm to defend our clients. We’re also focused on ensuring that everyone in the Houston area can afford our services as we offer affordable and flexible payment plans.

To reach us, call our office at 713-489-7373 or visit 405 Main St #840, Houston, TX 77002.


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